Adriana Vila Guevara Director and screenwriter
Luis Macías Barragán Assistant director
Gerard Uzcátegui Cinematography
Diana Toucedo Editor
Ariadna Ribas Preassembly
Gustavo Gonzalez, Gabriel Delgado Sound design
Frank Rojas, Efraín rojas Sound in set
Juan Rodríguez Berbín, Jackeline Rago,
Brother AH, Papá Roncón, Grupo Elegguá Music
José E. Martínez Excecutive producer Venezuela
Antonia Casado Ruíz Excecutive producer Spain
Patricia Ramírez Production manager


Venezuelan filmmaker, artist and anthropologist. Her work moves between the realms of documentary creation, ethnographic research, and experimental film.

In 2008, she began ethnographic field work on Afro-Venezuelan memory and representation that led her to meet and live with Belen Palacios for 4 months in her community: Tapipa. From that experience and upon completion of her Master degree in Anthropology and Ethnography, she decides to go back to Tapipa and make a documentary about Belén. But Belen suddenly disappears. Though, for her surprise Belén is not an absence.

Currently completing a doctoral research in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Universidad de Barcelona with a dissertation entitled “The Making of BELEN: rituals for the creation of a portrait, authorship, representation and imaginary in documentary filmmaking”.

Is co-founder of the independent analog film lab Crater-Lab, and the expanded cinema duo Crater. She has screened her work in festivals, arte center and alternative venues in Europe, Latin America and United States (Cinemateca Nacional de Venezuela, Museo de Bellas Artes, FID Marseille, Festival LOOP, L’Alternativa, Centro de Arte Santa Mónica, Bienal de la imagen en movimiento BIM, Festival de Videoarte de Camagüey, Museo da Arte Moderna da Bahia, Curtas Belo Horizonte, Microscope Gallery, Crossroads film Festival, Margaret Mead Film Festival, among other)+info: